What is KLEHMA?

Klehma, taken from the name of the prophesied Golden City, is to arise in the post-apocalyptic future. The city is to bring harmony, hope and faith to the people of this torn world.

Klehma the band, follows this idea into the future. Writing songs of mass destruction, evil takeovers, and also the hopes and hearts of the people struggling within.

Klehma's sound is a culmination of many music genres. From epic European inspired metal and rock, to the American core sound of heavy metal. Using classically derived melody lines and key changes with quick paced harmonies, including subtle breaks of jazz and blues breakdowns makes the sound unique.

Who is KLEHMA?

Johnny Stump, who's savage vocal lines and strong clean melodies, fronts Klehma. Johnny's versatility and heavy rhythm guitar goes beyond today's standards of heavy metal, and is prominent in Klehma's distinct sound.

Reece Nelson, bass guitar and backing vocals, adds to the insanity of Klehma's sound. Reece's intense vocals and quick fingers have crafted the all around metal and groove techniques, carrying the interludes to new heights.

The creative man on lead guitar, Kaylan Harrington has brought his own slashing style that has no boundaries in today's metal world. Joining Johnny with metal harmonies that bring that old school sound.

Leading Klehma's unmatched rhythm, JD Brothers meshes many styles of metal drums. JD's solid technique of hard hitting finesse and texture, helps bond the ingredients of this versatile monster known as Klehma.

Klehma released their debut EP in early 2012 and are currently working to put out the long awaited full length album. Join us on our journey to Klehma!

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